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Parrotlet Handbook


The Parrotlet Handbook

by Sandee Molenda

Publisher: Barron's, 1st ed., 2009

ISBN-10: 0764141899

ISBN-13: 978-0764141898

152 pages

Titles in Barron’s popular series of Pet Handbooks are filled with reliable information and helpful advice on animal care. Written by breeders, veterinarians, and other pet experts, these photo-illustrated books instruct on housing, feeding, healthcare, and where applicable, grooming. Titles devoted to dog breeds also discuss exercise needs and training methods. Barron’s Pet Handbooks resemble Barron’s alternate series, the Pet Owners’ Manuals, but each of the Handbooks has a larger page count and includes more detailed advice and instruction.

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The Parrotlet Handbook

by Matthew M. Vriends

Publisher: Barron’s; 1st ed., 1999

ISBN-10: 0-7641-0962-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-7641-0962-1

197 pages

Parrotlets, Fig and Hanging Parrots, along with all the other dwarf parrots discussed in this book, are fast becoming among the most popular cage and aviary birds available today. Their charming antics, combined with their beautiful plumage and quiet behavior, contribute to their widespread acceptance by the avicultural community.

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Lories and Lorikeets


A Guide to Lories and Lorikeets: Their Management, Care and Breeding

by Peter Odekerken

Publisher: ABK Publications; 2nd Revised edition; 2002

ISBN-10: 0957702442

ISBN-13: 978-0957702448

152 pages

This 152-page revised edition includes new chapters on Lories and Lorikeets as Pets, Diseases and Disorders in Lories and Lorikeets and Colour Mutations and Breeding Expectations. The author, Peter Odekerken, a highly experienced breeder of the lory and lorikeet group presents extensive information on general husbandry as well as specific details on each individual species. Peter's exceptional photography is beautifully supportive of the informative text which together make this a must-have title.

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Lories and Lorikeets

by Matthew M. Vriends

Publisher: Barron's; 1st  ed.; 1993

ISBN-10: 0812015673

ISBN-13: 978-0812015676

93 pages

For the experienced and new pet owner, this manual is filled with the latest advice and information from seasoned professionals on keeping these colorful and lively birds healthy and happy. Thirty full-color illustrations and 40 instructive line drawings throughout.

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Neophema and Neopsephotus Genera and Their Mutations


A Guide to Neophema and Neopsephotus Genera and Their Mutations

by Alain Campagne

Publisher: ABK Publications; Revised Edition, 2008

ISBN-10: 0980492408

ISBN-13: 978-0980492408

222 pages

General chapters discuss housing, feeding, breeding, as well as the numerous plumage and pigment details on the colours and mutations in these species. Chapter on health and diseases is written by an avian veterinarian. Individual chapters present each species including their respective mutations.

Dr Alain Campagne has been keeping birds since the 1970s and since 2000 has been seriously involved in the breeding of Neophema and Neopsephotus species. He is one of the growing number of 'modern' aviculturists who have embraced the internet and participate in international forums. These global discussions have evolved and expanded with the internet and have been the impetus for the universal naming system for parrot mutations now in widespread use around the world.

The early sections of the book provide all the basic information which any new breeder of Neophema and Neopsephotus species. Avian veterinarian Dr Bob Doneley has contributed a thorough Health and Disease section with plenty of information specific to these species of parrots. Dr Campagne then discusses pigmentation, mutations and genetics, in general terms, so that the reader can understand what the different names mean and how they produce their colours in different birds.

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The Quaker Parrot


The Quaker Parrot: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

by Pamela Leis Higdon

Publisher: Howell Book House; 1st ed., 1998

ISBN-10: 0876054483

ISBN-13: 978-0876054482

128 pages

This is our seventh set of Happy, Healthy Pet titles. Like the others, they are books pet owners can turn to for the essential information they need to raise a healthy pet. All books contain information on

  • feeding
  • housing
  • grooming
  • health care
  • what to expect from the pet
  • basic training

As our series expands and focuses on different kinds of pets, the emphasis remains on making the pet a companion.

In addition, owners of more unusual pets will particularly appreciate the expert advice in these books because professional care for their animals may be difficult to come by. As always, the instruction is from experts—people who know their pet intimately, but also remember what it was like to have one for the first time. Happy, Healthy Pet guides are rich with professional quality color photos and are designed to be enjoyable and easy to learn from.

Customer Reviews & Contents:  review

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A Birdkeeper’s Guide to Softbills

by David Alderton

Publisher: Tetra Press, 1st ed., 1987

ISBN-10: 3923880715

ISBN-13: 978-3923880713

118 pages

A detailed look at this varied and colourful group of birds, with practical advice on their care and accommodation. Featuring a photographic survey of more than 50 species from around the world.

The softbills embrace a wide range of birds that share a 'soff diet of fruit, nectar, insects and other livefood.They include hummingbirds, sunbirds, tanagers, barbets, toucans, hornbills, bulbuls, mynahs, touracos and waxwings.This guide explores all aspects of their management, from handling to health care.

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The New Softbill Handbook

by Werner Steinigeweg

Publisher: Barron's, 1st ed., 1988

ISBN-10: 0812040759

ISBN-13: 978-0812040753

103 pages

All the softbills introduced in this handbook are wild birds. In contrast to domesticated pet birds, such as canaries, which have adapted completely to life in a man-made environment, caged wild birds retain almost all the traits and varied behavior that characterize their cousins in the wild, even if they have been cage-bred for two or three generations. This is what makes watching them so intriguing.

Softbills are considerably more demanding about diet and nesting conditions than seed-eating birds. If a pair of birds is disturbed during courtship they will not mate, and the parent birds must have insects that resemble the prey they find in nature to feed their young.

Werner Steinigeweg, who is a veterinarian, a member of the staff of the Veterinary College of Hannover (West Germany), and the author of this book, has been keeping and breeding white-eyes, bulbuls, Pekin robins, and other softbills for many years. In this practical handbook he introduces 28 exotic softbills that are often kept as cage birds. The descriptions include advice on how to keep and breed each species as well as detailed information on the place of origin, appearance, behavior, and typical song of the birds.

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1) The Complete Book of Parrots

by Rosemary Low; Barron’s, 1st ed., 1989; ISBN-10: 0812059719; ISBN-13: 978-0812059717; 144 pages.

2) Keeping and Breeding Parrots

by Carl Aschenborn; T.F.H. Publications, 1st  ed., 1990; ISBN-10: 0866229604; ISBN-13: 978-0866229609; 159 pages.

3) The Parrot: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

by Arthur Freud; Howell Book House, 1st ed., 1996; ISBN-10: 0876054971; ISBN-13: 978-0876054970; 128 pages.

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1) Parakeet Guide

by Cyril Rogers; The Pet Library Ltd., 1st ed., 1970; ISBN: ---; 250 pages.

2) Parrakeets of the World

by Matthew M. Vriends; TFH Publications, 1st ed., 1979; ISBN-10: 0876669992; ISBN-13: 978-0876669990; 384 pages.

3) The New Parakeet Handbook

by Immanuel Birmelin,‎ Annette Wolter; Barron’s, 1st ed., 1985; ISBN-10: 0812029852; ISBN-13: 978-0812029857; 140 pages.

4) Encyclopedia of Parakeets

by Kurt Kolar, Karl Heinz Spitzer; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1990; ISBN-10: 0866229264; ISBN-13: 978-0866229265; 224 pages.

5) Popular Parakeets: Austrialasian and Asian Species in Aviculture

by Dulcie Cooke,‎ Freddie Cooke; Blandford Press, 1st ed., 1989; ISBN-10: 0-71 37-2028-X; ISBN-13: 978-0713720280; 149 pages.

6) The New Australian Parakeet Handbook

by Matthew M. Vriends; Barron's, 1st ed., 1992; ISBN-10: 0812047397; ISBN-13: 978-0812047394; 144 pages.

7) Parakeets (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

by Annette Wolter; Barron's, 1st ed., 1999; ISBN-10: 0764110322; ISBN-13: 978-0764110320; 96 pages.

8) My Parakeet and Me

by Immanuel Birmelin; Barron's, 1st ed., 2001; ISBN-10: 0764118072; ISBN-13: 978-0764118074; 64 pages.

9) Parakeets

by Nikki Moustaki; TFH Publications, 1st ed., 2006; ISBN-10: 0793837677; ISBN-13: 978-0793837670; 112 pages.

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1) All About Lovebirds

by P. M. Soderberg; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1977; ISBN-10: 0876669577; ISBN-13: 978-0876669570; 96 pages.

2) Breeding Lovebirds

by Tony Silva, Barbara Kotlar; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1981; ISBN-10: 0876668317; ISBN-13: 978-0876668313; 93 pages.

3) A Step by Step Book About Lovebirds

by Arnold Weston; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1988; ISBN-10: 0866224564; ISBN-13: 978-0866224567; 64 pages.

4) Lovebirds as a Hobby

by K. Le Breton; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1991; ISBN-10: 0866224114; ISBN-13: 978-0866224116; 98 pages.

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Е x о t i c  А n i m а l  F о r m u l а r у

Fifth Edition

by James W. Carpenter

Publisher: E1sevier, 5th ed., 2017

ISBN-10: 0 3 2 3 4 4 4 5 0 4

ISBN-13: 9 7 8 - 0 3 2 3 4 4 4 5 0 7

776 pages

The only drug formulary on the market created solely for the treatment of exotic animals, Exotic Animal Formulary, 5th Edition addresses the most common questions and medical situations encountered in clinical practice. Using clear, current recommendations on drugs, indications, and dosages, this text helps you find the information you need fast. Written by clinical and research veterinarian James Carpenter, it includes biological tables with details on therapies and diets, normal blood parameters of common species, venipuncture sites, differential diagnosis, and medical protocols for common conditions. This thoroughly revised edition includes coverage of antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiparasitic agents, along with new chapters on invertebrates, backyard poultry and waterfowl, compound medications, and more!

    Nearly 200 drug tables provide clear, current recommendations on drugs, indications, and dosages used in treating exotic animals.

    Biological tables provide details on therapies and diets, normal blood parameters of common species, venipunctures sites, and medical protocols for common conditions.

    More than 20 expert authors contribute to this edition.

    All drug information is reviewed for accuracy, ensuring that this reference remains authoritative and current.

    NEW! Chapter on backyard poultry and waterfowl, an increasingly popular pet in the U.S.

    UPDATED Chapter on wildlife includes new information on: considerations for developing a wildlife policy in private practice; recommendations for safe restraint of native wildlife; recommendations for meat withdrawal times in game species for select medications; agents used in wild mammal emergencies; and much more.

    NEW! Information details the euthanasia agents used in fish.

    NEW! Information on amphibians includes the blood collection sites and the selected disinfectants for equipment and cage furniture.

    NEW! Information on hedgehogs includes common differential diagnoses based on physical examination findings and confirmed zoonotic diseases carried by hedgehogs.

    NEW Information on the constant rate infusion (CRI) protocols used in rabbits.

    NEW! Information on the protein electrophoresis values for ferrets.

    NEW! Information on compounding pharmacies.

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1) Cockatiel Handbook

by Gerald R. Allen and Connie Allen; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1978; ISBN-10: 8766695694; ISBN-13: 978-8766695692; 256 pages.

2) All About Cockatiels

by Gerald R. Allen and Connie Allen; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1980; ISBN: 0-87666-757-4; 93 pages.

3) A Complete Introduction to Cockatiels

by Elaine Radford; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1987; ISBN: 0-86622-284-7; 125 pages.

4) The Complete Book of Cockatiels

by Diane Grindol; Howell Book House, 1st ed., 1998; ISBN-10: 0876051786; ISBN-13: 978-0876051788; 177 pages.

5) The Essential Cockatiel

edited by Pamela Leis Higdon; Howell Book House, 1st ed., 1999; ISBN-10: 1582450277; ISBN-13: 978-1582450278; 94 pages.

6) Cockatiels

by Thomas Haupt, Karin Skogstad; Barron’s, 1st ed., 2000; ISBN-10: 0764152300; ISBN-13: 9780764152306; 127 pages.

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1) Breeding Cockatoos

by Ann Nothaft; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1979; ISBN: 0-87666-877-5; 93 pages.

2) Encyclopedia of Cockatoos

by Steve Kates; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1980; ISBN: 0-87666-896-1; 221 pages.

3) Howell Beginner's Guide to Cockatoos

by David Alderton; Paradise Press Ltd, 1st ed., 1984; ISBN: 0-87605-914-0; 44 pages.

4) The Proper Care of Cockatoos

by Helmut Pinter; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1993; ISBN-10: 0866223878; ISBN-13: 978-0866223874; 256 pages.

5) Cockatoos (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

by Werner Lantermann, Susanne Lanterrnann with Matthew M. Vriends; Barron’s, 2nd ed., 2000; ISBN: 0-7641-1037-3; 80 pages.

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1) Exotic Cage Birds

by Marcel Legendre; Sterling Publishing, 1st ed., 1958; ISBN: ---; 95 pages.

2) Aviary Birds

by Rosemary Low; Barnes and Company, 1st ed., 1970; ISBN-10: 0498074323; ISBN-13: 978-0498074325; 224 pages.

3) Birds as Pets

by PaulVilliard; Doubleday & Company, 1st ed., 1974; ISBN-10: 0385032269; ISBN-13: 978-0385032261;   177 pages.

4) Handfeeding Baby Birds

by Jo Cooper; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1979; ISBN-10: 0876669925; ISBN-13: 978-0876669921; 93 pages.

5) The Pet Bird Handbook: How to Train, Tame and Care for Your Caged Bird

by Patricia Sutherland; Arco Publishing, 1st ed., 1981; ISBN-10: 0668052791; ISBN-13: 978-0668052795; 149 pages.

6) Bird Owner's Home Health and Care Handbook

by Gary A. Gallerstein; Howell Book House, 1st ed., 1984; ISBN-10: 0-87605-820-9; ISBN-13: 978-0876058206  292 pages.

7) The Handbook of Cage and Aviary Birds

edited by  David Alderton; Blandford, 1st ed., 1993; ISBN-10: 0-7137-2346-7; ISBN-13: 978-0713723465; 364 pages.

8) Aviary Birds in Colour Hardcover

by Frank Woolham; Blandford, 1st ed., 1995; ISBN-10: 0-7137-2581-8; ISBN 13: 978-0713725810; 176 pages.

9) 101 Essential Tips: Caring for Your Pet Bird

by David Alderton; DK Publishing Book, 1st ed., 1996; ISBN-10: 0751303593; ISBN-13: 978-0751303599; 72 pages.

10) The Complete Guide to Bird Care

by David Alderton; Howell Book House, 1st ed., 1998; ISBN-10: 0876050380; ISBN-13: 978-0876050385; 112 pages.

11) Bird Care and Training

by Pamela Leis Higdon; Howell Book House, 1st ed., 1998;  ISBN-10: 0876052278; ISBN-13: 978-0876052273; 128 pages.

12) Birds For Dummies

by Gina Spadafori and Brian L. Speer; Wiley Publishing, 1st ed., 1999;  ISBN-10: 0764551396; ISBN-13: 978-0764551390; 328 pages.

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Cockatiels: Overcoming Problems in Their Care, Feeding and Breeding


Cockatiels: Overcoming Problems in Their Care, Feeding and Breeding

by Robert G. Black

Publisher: Avian Publications, 1st ed., 2007

ISBN-10: 0910335060

ISBN-13: 978-0910335065

168 pages

This book is not an introduction to cockatiels, nor is it a picture book of cockatiels. Instead, it contains detailed, in-depth information to help you identify and correct the wide variety of challenges you may encounter while keeping and breeding cockatiels. Chapters include Problems in Maintenance, Problems in Breeding, Problems with Eggs, Problems with Nestlings, Problems in Health, Problems in Nutrition, and Food for Thought.

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Encyclopedia of the Lories


Encyclopedia of the Lories

by Rosemary Low

Publisher: Hancock House Pub Ltd, 1st ed., 1998

ISBN-10: 0888394136

ISBN-13: 978-0888394132

432 pages

This title covers the biology, distribution and aviculture of every species of Lory Parrot.

Lories are a group of colorful parrots from Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific region. Mainly nectar and pollen feeders, some species are nomadic, moving around in search of blossoms. Their bright colors and active, and often amusing behavior, make them fascinating subjects for study by bird watchers and bird keepers. Rosemary Low brings together, for the first time, detailed and absorbing information on their natural habits and aviculture. Rosemary has arranged this most comprehensive book to give immediate access to specific subjects and species. The first part is an encyclopedia covering nearly 100 different subjects from aviaries to conservation and from folklore to nest sites. In the second part, the biology of every species is described under standard headings which provide detailed descriptions of plumage, chicks, eggs, habitat, conservation, and more. A special gazetteer section includes distribution maps and information on localities where lories occur. The encyclopedia's large reference section is a valuable source of further reading - in the unlikely event there is anything else the reader needs to know.

The book is a riot of color, with 140 color photographs of these stunningly beautiful birds. It will leave the reader wanting to know them in life.

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Encyclopedia of Aviculture


Encyclopedia of Aviculture

by Glen Holland

Publisher: Hancock House Pub Ltd; 1st ed., 2007

ISBN-10: 0888394608

ISBN-13: 978-0888394606

832 pages

The most up-to-date and detailed compilation of world wide Avicultural species recorded to date. Initiated as a book on African birds that feature in private avicultural and zoological collections around the globe, it soon became apparent that much of the information gathered pertained to aviculture worldwide. Recognized avicultural experts worldwide have contributed to make this a truly international avicultural handbook. A wide variety of valuable species are held outside of managed species programs and it is essential that we maximize the breeding potential of these species to ensure they contribute to long-term self-sustainable populations. In this book the aviculturist is provided with proven, practical methods for the successful management and propagation of most of the families of birds in the world. Species accounts vary from the world's largest, the ostrich, to the diminutive hummingbirds and waxbills and include avicultural rarities, such as Congo peafowl, kiwi, saddle-bill storks, bee-eaters, swallows, and red siskins. Vital, practical components for avicultural success that are universally applicable to a wide range of species, such as diets, compatibility with other species, habitat requirements, incubation, and hand-raising techniques are included. Aviculturists today are faced with the challenge of establishing captive-bred strains that are no longer reliant on replenishments from wild stock, while helping to reduce the current rate of species extinctions. It is my desire that this book will assist aviculturists in achieving this goal.

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Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals, 3rd Edition


Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals

Third Edition

by Murray Fowler

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell, 3rd ed., 2008

ISBN-10: 0813814324

ISBN-13: 978-0813814322

470 pages

Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals, Third Edition offers an introduction to the basic principles of animal restraint and an overview of techniques for vertebrate wild and domestic animals. Fully updated throughout, the third edition also includes new chapters on understanding behavior, training for restraint and handling, and animal welfare and restraint. Now in full color, the third edition of this classic reference is an invaluable tool to recognizing potential danger in restraint and reducing stress in the animal.

18. Poultry and Waterfowl, pp. 209 – 218

29. Birds, pp. 377 – 410

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Всякая всячина (снова старье, выловленное в основном на openlibrary.org / archive.org)




1) Bird Diseases: an Introduction to the Study of Birds in Health and Disease

by L. Arnall, I. F Keymer; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1975; ISBN-10: 087666950X; ISBN-13: 978-0876669501; 528 pages.

2) Singing Canaries

by Klaus Speicher; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1981; ISBN: 0-87666-875-9; 96 pages.

3) Taming and Training Parrots

by Edward J. Mulawka; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1981; ISBN: 0-87666-989-5; 352 pages.

4) Canaries in Сolour

by George Lynch; Blandford Press, Revised edition, 1984; ISBN: 0-7137-1532-4; 135 pages.

5) The New Finch Handbook

by Christa Koepff; Barron’s, 1st ed., 1984; ISBN-10: 0812028597; ISBN-13: 978-0812028591; 135 pages.

6) Beginning With Cockatiels

by Anne Ray Streeter; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1985; ISBN-10: 0866226966; ISBN-13: 978-0866226967; 128 pages.

7) Mynahs

by Otto von Frisch; Barron’s, 1st ed., 1986; ISBN-10: 0812036883; ISBN-13: 978-0812036886; 72 pages.

8) A Step-By-Step Book About Finches

by Elaine Radford; T.F.H. Publications, 1st ed., 1988; ISBN-10: 086622466; ISBN-13: 978-0866224666; 64 pages.

9) The Pet Parrot Book

by Peter J. Snyder; Barron’s, 1st ed., 1998; ISBN-10: 0764106082; ISBN-13: 978-0764106088; 96 pages.

10) Amazon Parrots

by Werner and Susanne Lantermann with Matthew M. Vriends; Barron’s, 1st ed., 2000; ISBN: 0-7641-1036-5; 88 pages.

11) Parrot Culture: Our 2,500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird

by Bruce Thomas Boehrer; University of Pennsylvania Press, 1st ed., 2004; ISBN-10: 0812237935; ISBN-13: 978-0812237931; 224 pages.

12) Taming and Traning Series by Risa Teitler, 1979-1988

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Manual of Poultry Diseases


Manual of Poultry Diseases

by Jeanne Brugère-Picoux, Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, HL Shivaprasad, Daniel Venne, Moncef Bouzouaia

Publisher: A F A S, 1st ed., 2015

ISBN-10: 2 - 9 0 8 0 1 4 - 0 2 - 5

ISBN-13: 9 7 8 - 2 - 9 0 8 0 1 4 – 0 2 - 0

701 pages

Poultry is the predominant type of animal production in both developed and developing countries. While poultry production has expanded significantly in recent decades, particularly in Asia, since late 2003 growth has been curbed worldwide by the spread of avian influenza.

Poultry production is critical to the economy and food security of many developing countries because not only is poultry easy to farm and well suited to backyard production, in many cases it is a staple food.

This richly illustrated manual of poultry diseases is a key reference work that reviews poultry production systems across the globe, describing the range of diseases affecting all domesticated bird species, and contains a section on differential diagnosis to aid in detecting and recognising specific diseases.

This book is a publication of reference that is indispensable for all stakeholders in the poultry sector: farmers, veterinarians or student veterinarians, and officials in many countries, since it will be translated into several languages. That work will contribute to improving the effectiveness of the fight against poultry diseases around the world.

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Is anyone who has a pdf files on "the large macaws : their care, breeding and conservation", could you share to me?

thanks in advance.

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