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Hybrid Animals and Breeding

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Is it ethical to genetically select for or breed animals? At what point does the benefits of having a designer animal outweigh any moral issues? Is breeding hybrid animals ethical, even though there are high possibilites for genetic diseases, and the animal may be infertile? I know that there's a human genetic engineering forum somewhere else, but animals are not humans (they may be considered to some as less valuable or unequal to humans) and we have been selectively breeding animals for thousands of years. An interesting case I would like to discuss is the pug, which was essentially created by humans. However bulldogs are prone to health problems because of the shape of their body and snouts. However, these factors are seen as "cute" to pet owners, even though there would be an uproar if genetic engineering produced an animal this prone to health deffects and then tried to sell it to the general public.

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